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All of the X34's I/O ports are located around back, facing outward. Mit seiner geschwungenen Form sorgt der innovative Bildschirm für ein natürliches Sichtfeld, gleichmäßige Kontraste und einen starken räumlichen Effekt. Colors looked impressively vivid on Acer's monitor by default, though one colleague watching with me suggested that the blacks could be a bit deeper. For starters, the cabinet is huge, measuring 14.8 by 32.2 by 4 inches (HWD).

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The IPS panel displayed every shade of gray on the DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test cleanly, without any clipped whites or crushed blacks. You can set the lights to glow red, green, blue, orange or white, as well as dictate whether they stay static, pulsate in and out, or — my personal favorite — ripple side to side. Durchschnitt aus While the Predator's refresh rate maxes out at 60Hz on standard settings, the monitor can be overclocked to a faster 100Hz for those looking to eliminate motion blur as much as possible. PCMag Digital Group.

Watching a 4K trailer for Elysium on the Predator made me feel like I was in a mini movie theater. There are four VESA mounting holes for use with the included mounting plate if you prefer to hang the X34 on a wall, but you'll need to supply your own wall-mounting bracket kit. In fact, we consider the Predator to be one of our best gaming monitors. While far from room shaking, the Predator's built-in 7-watt speakers are impressively loud and crisp. Maßgeblich ist der tatsächliche Preis, den der Händler zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs auf seiner Webseite anbietet. Curves boost gaming immersion.

A 34-inch, 3440 x 1440 curved display? There was a problem. The buttons are used to access the settings menus and use on-screen labels that makes navigating the menus easy. It has a matte anti-glare coating and a curvature radius of 1,900R. Once you're in the Predator's main menu, you'll be able to adjust finer settings — such as brightness, contrast and color — as well as control the system's external lights. The monitor's rich 34-inch, 3440 x 1440 display makes it easy to get lost in your favorite virtual worlds, while the device's G-Sync capabilities and fast response times provide an optimally smooth experience for competitive players. The Predator is one of the first curved monitors to tout Nvidia's G-Sync technology, which is designed to eliminate stutters and screen tears by syncing a monitor directly with a PC's graphics card. With G-Sync enabled, the action was noticeably more fluid, and the tearing artifacts were no longer present.
You should probably pick up a good headset or set of speakers if you want to get as immersed as possible, but the Predator's speakers are perfectly suitable.

BenQ Tips Steep Prime Day Discount. Prior to joining Ziff Davis, John spent six years in retail operations for Federated Stores, Inc. before accepting a purchasing position with Morris Decision Systems, one of New York's first value-added resellers of the original IBM PC. The Acer Predator X34 curved gaming monitor provides an impressive level of immersion and strong G-Sync performance — if you're willing to pay up. Built-in LED lights? If you want to run a game in windowed mode on one side while viewing your Twitter feed or Twitch chat on the other, Acer's display makes it pretty easy to do so. You can select a color (red, green, blue, white, and orange) or have it change randomly, and you can select a style (fixed, flashing, breathing, and ripple) to suit your mood.

gesetzlicher MwSt. Color accuracy, as shown on the chart below, is spot-on, with red, green, and blue color measurements (represented by the dots) aligning nicely with their ideal CIE coordinates (represented by the boxes). Testalarm: Wir benachrichtigen Sie kostenlos bei Testberichten zum Thema: PC Games Hardware 4/2016 - He then worked for the now defunct ComputerLand chain of PC dealers before joining PC Magazine in 1987. I had never been truly sold on the concept of a curved gaming monitor, but that all changed the minute I booted up Batman: Arkham Knight on the Predator. The Predator X34 comes with DisplayPort and HDMI cables, a USB upstream cable, a Quick Start Guide, and the above-mentioned wall mounting plate and screws.

Once you've created your ideal combination of all of these settings (on top of color and brightness), you can save up to three custom profiles for booting up all of your favorite features at once.

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While I didn't notice much of a difference when playing games at 60Hz versus 100Hz, those with an especially discerning eye for smoothness may appreciate the option to ramp the rate up. Colors appeared rich and uniform while watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Blu-ray disc, and image quality was sharp. In order to make sure the Predator fills up as much of your peripheral vision as possible, you can tilt the display 5 degrees forward or 35 degrees back, as well as raise or lower it about 5 inches up or down. It's just as sleek as it is savage, though, thanks to its jet-black paint job and slim, aluminum legs. USB hub. Rich contrast. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. I found myself immersed in Rocksteady's version of Gotham City like never before, enjoying a wide view of the game's beautifully moody skylines as I glided from building to building. You have a choice of three different crosshair types, and while there's no guarantee that they'll help you play better, they all lined up perfectly with the in-game interfaces of shooters like Rainbow Six Siege and Borderlands 2. Its bottom-facing LED lights probably aren't necessarily, but they sure as heck look cool.


Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. This is a nice touch, especially for those who swear by gaming gear that oozes with RGB backlighting. Cool design. I accidentally turned the Predator off more times than I would have liked. Der Acer Predator X34 S ist ultrabreit, enorm schnell, gekrümmt und farbtreu Der Acer Predator X34 S bietet eine enorm schnelle Reaktionszeit von gerade einmal 0,5 Millisekunden. Throw in a pair of rich-sounding speakers, LED lighting effects, and programmable gaming modes, and the Predator X34 earns our Editors' Choice for big-screen, ultra-wide gaming monitors. While the Predator's port selection covers all of the essentials, I didn't enjoy having to crane my  neck to get around its massive display in order to plug my gadgets in. As a result, highlight and shadow details in my test images were outstanding. Gamers looking to improve their shooting skills will appreciate the X34's Aim Point feature, which offers three different aiming targets for use with first-person-shooter (FPS) games.

The IPS panel displayed every shade of gray on the DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test cleanly, without any clipped whites or crushed blacks. (This means that if you put these monitors edge to edge to create a complete circle, the circle's radius would be 1,900mm.) Gamer-centric settings. The X34's 3800R curvature made me feel closer to the action than with a flat screen and provided a sense of increased peripheral vision while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the Sony PlayStation 4 console ($389.95 at Amazon) .

Aggressive design. Fortunately, all of these elements blend together wonderfully, resulting in a rich and immersive monitor that makes playing games an absolute joy — so long as you can afford the Predator's high price tag and put up with its pesky interface. For the next five years, he was responsible for buying and configuring IBM PC, XT and AT desktops for many of New York's financial institutions. Acer's curved gaming monitor was just as impressive in our lab tests as it was during everyday use.

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