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If someone doesn’t want to pay for a Mercedes, they can as you say go elsewhere. And yep: it would seem everyone could help (community and Adobe) to raise the profile at least of how there are indeed excellent and relatively low-cost hosting options. Have you used modern CFML? The public beta of the next release of CF is now open. ColdFusion 2020, slated to be released next year, is going one such pivotal release in the history of ColdFusion. Everything CF Summit 2018: Real World Scenarios for Modern CFML, CF Camp 2018: The Only Adobe ColdFusion Conference in Europe, 018 VUE More With Less, with John Farrar – Transcript, Lucee 5.3 Pulls Ahead of ACF 2016, CF Security Good News and Vue.js > Angular, Switch to Adobe ColdFusion (CIO’s Guide on Risks and Reward), 106 Adobe CF Summit 2020 (What to Expect) with Kishore Balakrishnan, ColdFusion Expert’s Guide to Different Skills for Getting Things Done, Adobe ColdFusion 2020 Release Date Prediction (Analysis of 14 years of CF data), ColdFusion Development: Less Coding for Faster Turnaround, 105 CFML Open Source Learning with John Farrar, A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Successful CFML Project. Indeed, the CF license (if separated out) would typically a tiny part of that cost. There are very few legitimate reasons anyone can give a developer to justify the reputation that ColdFusion has. I don’t doubt Adobe’s commitment to the product, or its ability to continue to create the best application development platform in the world. To be clear, I love ColdFusion. Perhaps we, as a community, need to let the ColdFusion name die, take the best parts of the language and create something new that doesn’t carry the stigma of the ColdFusion name. Some aspects may be driven by “marketing”, but most is organic, and may have as much to do with what the community does. Introducing Swansea Jack (Lucee CFML 6 announced), 082 ColdFusion and the Blockchain Revolution with Mike Brunt. configurable services • Revamped scripting and Object oriented support. The biggest reason ColdFusion is considered a dying language is because of its reputation as a dying language! Why should Adobe be expected to give away a product that makes them money? Have you checked it out? While his role as a Product Manager for ColdFusion can be as challenging as it can ever get, he enjoys working for a product that has such a passionate community following. What would be interesting to figure out is why languages like Python (which have been around forever) are having a surge. And if one would want to say “they’re shooting themselves in the foot, and the community around CF is dead or dying”, no it is not.

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