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%PDF-1.6 %���� Since Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes in their cars each year, comfort is a huge priority for most car buyers. The car or SUV must be more than four months and less than five model years old. 1373 0 obj <> endobj �H�u`�� �m#�d�� An Audi says you have class but don’t need to flaunt it. If you’re going to buy a certified pre-owned Audi, make sure to continue coming back to the dealership for regular maintenance and check-ups. These cars also feature a higher average annual repair cost than other brands at $987. Audi Certified pre-owned. It needs to have traveled over 4,000 miles but less than 60,000 miles. Audi owners can also benefit from the Certified Pre-owned Limited Warranty offered by the dealer. You want protection beyond 50,000 miles. Please find attached your Q3 2020 CPO Retail Programs. It doesn’t matter if you own a new Audi or a pre-owned model – you would be wise to cover your investment. However, third-party extended warranties provide peace of mind and convenience, as well as the flexibility that dealer warranties can't. You can see a detailed report of the best extended car warranty companies if you want to dive deeper. For those worried about price, there are options. If you purchase a used Audi from a private party, you can still benefit from the previous owner’s protection plan. Audi boasts a 300+ Point Inspection process. Some people opt solely for powertrain protection. There’s no other manufacturer that puts its certified pre-owned cars through a more vigorous, all-encompassing examination than a certified pre-owned Audi receives. Unlike other manufacturers, powertrain components like the engine and transmission are included in the New Vehicle Limited Warranty rather than in a standalone plan. For a pre-owned Audi owner, you’ll find that each model is packed full of features. Still, this warranty only provides a short coverage term. After all, anything can happen as you travel down the road. While you can narrow down your search for a new car based on price, safety, or various features, you will still have quite a few to choose from. While it’s true that Audi is responsible for large SUV models like the Q7 and supercars like the R8, neither of which would be considered green cars, Audi has also been in the forefront of the automobile environmental movement. This is a premium cost that comes with a premium vehicle. The parts are going to cost more than a lower-end brand. Welcome to the family of Audi owners. Extended Car Warranty Cost: Compare Leading Providers,, Audi Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty. After the Audi New Car Limited Warranty expires, all certified pre-owned Audi’s are backed by a comprehensive certified limited warranty. YourMechanic estimates that Audi vehicles are some of the most expensive to maintain. With numbers like this, an extended warranty appears even more attractive. Sales: (817) 632-6710; Service: (817) 632-6760; Parts: (817) 632-6709; 116 University Drive Directions Fort Worth, TX 76107. When your factory warranty ends, you will be entirely responsible for those bills. Audi Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty. Audi’s incredible quattro all-wheel drive system makes for great winter weather performance, but it can take a toll on both fuel consumption and purchase price. $�Yc`bd`��%�������_ �Xw Audi doesn’t make up for its lack of reliability by offering a better factory warranty. The trouble comes in when you decide to purchase a warranty on an Audi vehicle that isn’t covered by the factory plan. Then, the CPO limited warranty only covers you for another year, but it still doesn’t have a mileage limitation. Check out our large selection of Certified Pre Owned cars at Audi Fort Worth. We think it’s worth your time to investigate their plans and policies thoroughly, but if you’re in a hurry, here are the highlights of our top provider list: The Audi factory warranty offers coverage on new cars and SUVs. And of course, there are the traditional and plug-in hybrids. Five Colorado Scenic Drives for Your New Dream Car, Prestige Imports is supporting A Precious Child. Whether you have a new or CPO Audi, the time to think about additional warranty coverage is now. Anything that doesn’t meet Audi standards gets replaced or repaired by an expert. You may find that routine maintenance on an Audi vehicle is slightly more expensive than on a domestic or Asian competitor. There are purchasing terms that provide flexibility ranging anywhere from 12 to 48 months. 0 How do you value my trade-in? Audi boasts 24-hour customer service support. It’s not only the outside of a pre-owned Audi that will thrill you. When looking at other luxury automakers, we also see that Audi doesn’t compete. Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. Audi owners can also benefit from the Certified Pre-owned Limited Warranty offered by the dealer.

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