best twilight zone episodes

A frustrated pool champ has beaten everyone. Already a subscriber? That matters just as much today as it did then. Then he keeps jumping, a premise that allows Embry and other guest stars (including Billy Porter and Mel Rodriguez) to play personalities stuck in bodies to which they don’t belong. Director: It’s the smartest, and arguably the only, one that justifies that season’s hour-long structure in terms of running time. Charlotte Scott and policeman Robert Franklin seem to be stalked by giants. He seems perfect, but after a while Claudia comes to suspect he might be too perfect. Douglas Heyes Let’s put on our investigative journalist hat (not to be confused with a bucket hat) and dig into this, the great unanswered query of our time. The series aired from September 2002-May 2003 on the UPN network, and was not renewed for a second season. The episode takes place during Mardi Gras, as a wealthy old man faces impending death. Winner of multiple Emmy Awards, director Lamont Johnson paces this one perfectly, especially when one considers how little he has to work with, just bouncing five confused souls off one another until the classic twist of the truth of their predicament is revealed. The idea that Satan is being kept from destroying the world by a religious group in a creepy castle somewhere in Europe is a great concept for fiction, and this one is well-executed and honestly eerie. Two families of Government employees plan to steal a spaceship and travel to another planet just prior to a nuclear war. It’s arguably the best twist in the history of TV, becoming a part of pop culture that can still be referenced over half a century later. Burgess Meredith, The Twilight Zone is still considered one of the scariest and best-written TV shows of all-time. Barry Nelson, List RulesBest Twilight Zone episodes of all time, no matter how popular they are. Lela Bliss. Three Air Force pilots return from a test flight of an experimental spaceplane. After the doors close, a saleswoman takes her to the item for which she’s been searching, although she learns on the way down that the thimble is damaged. “A Hundred Yards Over the Rim” (Season 2, Episode 23)Time travel is a recurring motif of The Twilight Zone, but the way it’s used here is so refreshingly simple and charming that it works better than when it becomes a heavy-handed device in other episodes. Mike Ferris finds himself alone in the small Oakwood town and without recollection about his name, where he is or who he is. Byron Morrow. Or do they? Edward Binns, The conclusion (all the real aliens have to do is flip a few power switches and watch humanity self-destruct) is driven home by Rod Serling's chilling epilogue, a reminder that prejudice isn't confined to the Twilight Zone. In “Downtime,” Morena Bacarin plays a hotel manager who earns a big promotion just in time to watch everyone freeze around her as a giant orb appears in the sky. Or Did Quibi Kill Quibi? Tell us what you think about this feature. 34. And yet there are still some good ones (and three truly great ones you’ll find in the top 25), including this old-fashioned story of jealousy and witchery with some great star value. Richard C. Sarafian But guess who just walked in. Photo: CBS Photo Archive, CBS via Getty Images, Your to-be-watched pile just got even bigger, The comedy legend passed away Monday at the age of 98. 7. Paul Comi,

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