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Our list includes a brief write-up of the history, but the real value of our list is the accompanying pictures of the many types of home architecture styles. The features that define a Mediterranean house sometimes reflects landscaping and decorations in the interior, which are also a great addition to its overall style. The other way is via building type or structure type.

While for those warmer areas like in Western Europe, timber framing was preferred because of the predominance of deciduous trees.

Immediately below we invite you to cast your vote for your favorite style. I’m partial to modern, Cape Cod, Mountain and Shingle home styles.

A country house or the manor house was historically the capital residence within a manor, which is the territorial organization’s basic unit in Europe’s feudal system.

The addition, while noticeable, is also designed in an authentic rustic style.

Later Puebloan dwellings use adobe walls with their rounded edges.

However, it is scaled back in a lower roof pitch and elaborate detailing. It was then in 1700s when the Colonial houses were developed out of the US Colonial period.

Learn more about colonial houses here (includes many examples of all the different types of colonial houses in America). Modern house plans proudly present modern architecture, as has already been described. Related: Our in-depth Florida style décor guide. Inside, open layouts and lofts are available. The ranch house is known for its lengthy, dense ground profile and minimalistic character that uses a few of both interior and exterior decors. They just took the entire barn and converted the insie to a large open concept rustic interior. These types are common throughout the U.S. with floor plan designs that adhere to American lifestyles.

Southwestern architecture is unique and simple and is the region’s representation. Among the popular countries in the world that use adobe are from Middle East, North and West Africa, West Asia, South and South Western America, Spain and Eastern Europe. Some other proponents are John Storrs, Saul Zaik, Van Evera, Pietro Belluschi and Herman Brookman. As per the description by the English in India, houses built are long, low buildings with wide verandas and drooping attics.

They are best when you are having a vacation and want to have a place near water or even in highland areas. It is the International Style’s regional variant and is defined by the wide use of unpainted wood on both of its interior or exteriors. This was a battle of preserving the high value of handmade products and some other natural materials.

The roofing before was thatch and was changed into fireproof tile later on, secured with an insulating air space to prevent tropical heat. The people of British descent, who resided in the Southern states throughout the colonial period and in U.S. regions after the Louisiana Purchase, introduced the features associated with the antebellum architecture in 1803. Country houses are large European houses or mansions with broad grounds and they are also called manor houses.

It also has wide eaves and waterfront space. The building that has boomed in 18th century left us with a wealthy influence of classical architecture, which dominated in the reign of George I in 1714 up to 1830 after the death of George in 1830.

Once you vote you can see which styles are most popular. At present, several revivals and restorations continue to evolve, which still embrace simplicity and handicrafts. This is an architectural, product, interior and graphic design, which commonly defines mid 20th century developments in modern architecture, design and urban development from around 1933 to 1965.

This house plan style dominated in the year 1940 and early 1950s. This style has evolved using domestic natural materials, Southwest’s unique regional settings and Indian and Spanish cultural influence.

French house plans usually have asymmetrical exteriors with a mixture of ornate elements that complete the design. Usually, this plan would feature a rugged outer surface that might embrace wood siding, shingles, or even logs. We put together an entire collection of rustic houses. Historians of today think that Federal style is just a modification of the Georgian style, which is close to each other’s in close comparison. Community values are mirrored within the Spanish architecture like houses of worship for Christians, Muslims or Jews.

Vernacular style or Tudor is known by its half timbering styles found in the few surviving buildings in 1485 together with Stuart period. Shakes are split while other types of shingles are not; they are sawn. The settling of the Colonists along the Eastern Seaboard and building their homes there conceived Colonial style. When the Spanish saw the Indian villages in the 16th century they were reminded of Spanish adobe architecture and called the villages and Indians “Pueblos”. Federal colonial, also known as Federal or Adam, has ruled American architectural landscape from the year 1780 to 1840, which evolved to its colonial period’s principal design language, the Georgian. French country architecture ranks high amongst the country’s numerous achievements. That said, if buying an existing home, I’d be open to even more architectural styles. It was also during the Industrial Revolution when several Victorian houses were built and are the current defining feature in most of the town and cities of Britain. Thousands of years ago, adobe had been used by local folks of America specifically in Southwestern US, Mesoamerica and South America, especially in the Andean region. The space is more communicable with large doorways and open plan interiors at its core. Before its successor, which was the Colonial Revival of the 1930s to 50s, the Cape Cod style was created after the colonists from England arrived in New England and modified an English House hall and parlor house to counter it from the country’s disruptive stormy weather. There are also wide levels and outsized windows for nicer views.

onward, or Late Bronze Age and Iron Age. It was referred by an Englishman in 1659 as “Bunguloues,” meaning temporary and easy to set up shelter. Beginning with classicism, Regency architecture, Italianate style that gained influence in 1820 and 1850s and Gothic Revival Style that was predominant in 1880s. Most of the adobe structures resemble to cob and rammed-earth buildings. Many of the homes of this design can be found in places like Martha’s Vineyard, East Hampton, Nantucket, Rhode Island, Cannon Beach and parts of New Jersey. It all rooted from the comprehensive design and art movement in the Industrial Revolution. There are different types of shakes. 33 Types of Architectural Styles for the Home (Modern, Craftsman, Country, etc. Contemporary architecture describes a style concerned with breaking with tradition, embracing unconventional building materials and creating spaces that exist in harmony with the natural world. The movement seized to place high value on handmade crafts, raw and natural materials, in contrast to what Industrial Revolution held for. Tuscan architecture is rustic yet stylish and is mainly suitable to its original Mediterranean arrangements.

Historically, this was commonly infused with animal space known as a housebarn. Check out 100s of floor plans here.

The year 1880 came and gave rise to bungalows in America, which populated the land specifically in New England. The major contributors to the Mediterranean style house classic design are the Italian and Greek styles, though this may have taken some concepts from Spain and is sometimes labelled as Spanish Modern. Here’s our full list of home architecture styles (in alphabetical order): 30 Types of Architectural Arches (with Illustrated Designs). This rose from the birth of the American Revolution and to mark of beginning of the American Civil War. This is typically a small house or a small old-fashioned house in some places and was previously called a “house” before it was made known as a “cottage” in England; a typical house with a ground floor and bedrooms that fit inside a roof space. This was the reaction to the alleged Industrial Revolution soullessness. Modern home plans embody modern architecture which showcases sleek lines, a monochromatic color scheme, minimal details, open floor plans, large windows, lots of natural light, and chic outdoor living. Southern architecture is best known as the antebellum architecture, which mean pre-war, from the Latin word ante meaning before and bellum war.

Read our entire Georgian Architectural Style Guide here and check out our collection of Georgian floor plans here. This also resided the lord of the manor, where it served as the manorial courts and banquet with manorial tenants.

Contemporary Style homes are the popular modern-era houses between 1960s to 1970s.

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