diamonds are a girl's best friend meaning

A statement that suggests, while love is a luxury, material wealth (particularly jewellery) is more valuable in the long run. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. And for most girls, they imagine an engagement ring. If glass or a mirror is used for the razor to cut the dust up on, we then encounter a crystal cut by a near crystal on a crystal; crystals are cut by crystals on crystals; diamonds are cut by diamonds on a diamond; diamond styluses are cut by diamonds on diamond records, enabling more pulverization, the pulverization of the diamond stylus that fictively becomes the precious powder we put into our bodies. We can then “hear” the finger that only feels hot or cold, rough or soft—and another argument for the diamond’s perfection—sound for the touch, sound for the short interval of pain at the stylus’ sharpness, and while under such a delicious sensation, we beg our ears to receive the equivalent; oddly, it all started since the prism was never seen. A few words on the nose. The eternal love of the Holy Spirit for the Father and the Son congrues with the diamond, this symbol of steadfast love.

A lot of girls start off with tee-ball — that’s not out of the ordinary, and by the time they’re 11 or 12 years old, more and more make the swap to the bigger ball and smaller diamond.

It has been performed by a large number of actresses and singers, including Lena Horne for her 1958 album Give the Lady What She Wants, and Kylie Minogue, who performed the song dressed as Marilyn Monroe for the opening of the Australian Studios of 20th Century Fox. Already the closest anagram from “intends” to sound is “somnd.” We can obtain “sownd” (reversing the “m” again). This is odd, since oil is what makes up record discs, them being played by diamonds, and them being mined by diamonds. Could the diamond stylus be shedding itself along the way? But the “demand” resounds with “diamond,” here the “diamond demand” an allophonic tautology. (St. Augustine thought that Mary was fertilized in such a fashion.) “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend” has retained its popularity throughout the years and will probably continue to do so.

At Christ’s Baptism and the Pentecost are also where the Holy Ghost made its divine presence felt.

Diamonds are Marilyn Monroe’s friend (Monroe’s sounding like Mon-rose) because she had lost the buried name Jean (buried in diamonds/Desmond), once stardom demanded a pseudonym. There is nothing like having too much of diamonds, and if anything there is yet to be a woman who complained about receiving too many diamonds as gifts.

Synthetic diamonds are made from graphite when extremely high temperatures and pressures are exerted on the substance that allows us to write, the pencil with its graphite.

When the diamond performs its function as stylus, the sound has the diamond as its point of origin, albeit the perfectly faceted and angled sides of the diamond can register all the variations felt along the record’s groove. The jewel that is seen is also the jewel that is heard. Diamond jewelry pieces have always represented high class and refined taste. Cartier! Norma Jean is, however far-fetched this sounds, the Norma Desmond played by Gloria Swanson. She sung of “diamonds” and she “died,” killed herself or was murdered, along with her dyed blonde hair of the hue called “platinum,” echoing the platinum that diamond rings are set in. This voice from afar, God, enters our ears, as the Virgin was inseminated with Christ’s embryo through her ears. Also, in order for oil to be mined, synthetic diamonds bore into the earth’s crust so as to unearth the crude. Then it will really be a diamond ring, since diamond rings are set in platinum, and the platinum record played by a diamond needle is also a diamond ring, a diamond supported by platinum. When a woman wears diamond pieces of jewelry on some occasions, people tend to notice them. The tininess of the diamond stylus cannot shed the treasured refraction; placing one’s finger under the pick-up needle asserts the diamond’s presence, albeit by mere touching—and if the stereo’s “power” button has been pressed—a finger’s pores and rippling array of lines, swirls, “grooves” again, facilitates the diamond to register the sound of such a fingertip’s landscape. More recently, the song was performed in another movie musical, “Moulin Rouge” in 2001 and sung by Nicole Kidman as Satine, a performer at the nightclub Moulon Rouge in Paris. The Holy Ghost/Spirit represents the love between the father and son, between the unbegotten Father and the begotten Son, Christ. This was done to update them by omitting the name of the famous jeweller, Harry Winston, in the spoken part “Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!” and replacing it with a fictitious name of the founder of the Moulon Rouge. And diamonds are indeed wonderful heirlooms for women to leave their children. A diamond in contact with one’s eye, the diamond ring, is also the diamond in contact with one’s ear. Indeed earlobes can bear diamonds, earrings, and like fingers, another bodily appurtenance, they can bear diamonds with their customary diamond rings. Everyone knows the song and many know the words of this popular hit from 1949 but not many are familiar with its history. A razor is often used, a highly sharp tool whose cutting power metaphorically resides with the cutting power of the diamond. by Sarah Charlesworth, Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend This is a resource developed by Carl Jones. With Norma Diamond or Norma Jean we can obtain the transformations of “love diamonds” or “love jeans,” sinceamour or love lies buried in Norma. The protagonist is Sophie Chesterton, a London socialite born into money. But none of these words confirm the sound-related nature of diamonds. I have already shown how “love” and “diamonds” symbolize each other, the diamond “ring” that is already a diamond stylus that “rings” out songs of love. The microscopically shrunken vehicle ventured into the comparatively gigantic chambers of the man’s heart, and the sound of the muscle beating was unbearably loud for the voyagers. Diamonds, too, are a girl’s best friend only when we bear in mind that a gift is implied, the demand for a gift fulfilled, the diamond for a gift, here diamonds, fulfilled. They may have made albums or not and what albums they play a pick-up needle is needed, or if their need for junk is great, they use a needle full of prepared heroin to pick them up.

One’s profile has the nose as its distinguishing mark, a kind of “prow” or “stylus” or more cryptically, a permanent “dais” of the body that writes itself through the empty air. Diamond and Desmond both have an initial “d” to their sequence of identically numbered letters as well as the final “mond.” Now that Norma Desmond is Norma Diamond, Norma Jean is Norma Diamond as well. In a woman’s ownership, a diamond can do a lot, but it doesn’t define a woman’s worth. Norma Jean-Desmond is the star who can cross either place, either film, her only ticket being “Norma,” Marilyn’s original name, a strange entrance to the All About Eve/Sunset Boulevard sepulcher buried within ourselves. “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend” has retained its popularity throughout the years and will probably continue to do so.

Diamonds are the hardest among the natural materials in the world. Diamond can do a lot for women, but it doesn’t define women’s worth.

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