how to deal with a stepmother who hates you

It sounds as if your husband is not there for you and doesn’t hear your distress.

I think it is really difficult to not let it hurt you, especially when you’re not a person who acts that way. But one thing I do is encourage my husband to see them. I think it’s terrible that children are considered “guests” in their parent’s home. That kills me. I gave up my incredible career at age 41 to become a stay at home mom because that is what you needed.

I have dealt with my daughters occasional isolation from the two younger children who are brother and sister. When I was 10, just months after my parents’ divorce, my father told me he was dating a new woman.

If something’s wrong with her, they’ll see it as something wrong with them.

You are there for every single milestone that her children make in her absence and that pisses her off.

That’s fine but she also moved out of my life too. That’s a horrible story.

But you keep bringing up the fact that you “told your dad to get divorced” and go be happy as some kind of proof that you weren’t against your stepmom. I enjoyed it so much and didn’t regret marrying into your family. But his love and attachment for his mother is very apparent.

Generally speaking, spouses are the de facto executors of wills and other final arrangements.

It’s truly the most bizarre thing I’ve ever been through.

This is the harsh reality. I don’t think I was doing that, I think I was responding with compassion and love for someone who was in a lot of pain at the time. (Nor am I trying to have ‘matriarch’ rights or be their mom…gross.

They were really fine with me up until the last two months then BOOM they dont want to see me, have blocked me from social media and complained about the birthday presents I bought them. She has hearing loss in 1 ear and a bad hip. the thing is their father left their mum and them. I’m a stepmom but I am not buying the line that all stepmom’s are awesome, loving and did nothing to contribute to the fractured relationship.

I go to counseling all the time, but my stepdaughter will not get any help at all. I have the step daughter from hell. Maybe the sort of trouble that can be stirred up by writing an “open letter?”

This is a shame because a father generally loves his wife and daughter in different ways.

A step parent makes the choice to marry somebody with kids. She does so inappropriately. You people think it’s hard being a step parent? Thank you for your note and I am sorry for your pain. I appreciate where you are coming from and I welcome it.

Having children is a bed of roses, you have to watch for the thorns. No. (Please.

Mea, Thank you.

Just a few years ago, he told me that when he died, everything would be split equally amongst his children. I have been thankful for mine for the time I met her.

Just because there are truly awful stepmoms it doesn’t mean they all are.

If I happen to go inside, within minutes the conversation ends and she excuses herself and leaves. I felt relieved because I had always wanted a big brother. Crista…sorry, but the law says you’re 1000% wrong. Have your husband schedule a family meeting, which will include him, the children, and you.

But when I HAD to take on full time Mom responsibility; then all of that changed. Your step-kids have to deal with their biological mother’s resentment, your husband’s inappropriate delegation of responsibility, accommodating you, and potential cases of you having overstepped healthy boundaries.

I married a man with kids. My youngest stepson just got married and he and his new wife didn’t include me in any of the ceremony.

My point is – people are people and some are not pleasant and some you would not choose to have a relationship with if you met them under other circumstances.

I don’t want to and I don’t want to be made to feel guilty. I have two step daughters. It’s anonymous. I hope you will outlive her also, I don’t understand this need to be so cruel to others, but then I guess I am weird.

I have prayed and prayed and now I’m so lost I don’t even know what to pray for anymore. You are taking good care of yourself by setting boundaries with your step children and your husband. In short, f*** her, Rebecca.

Those things my father and grandfather would want my mom and grandma to do with them as they please.

I calmly got on to her 3 times for it. Well, my suspicions were validated. My stepmother was never really nice to me and I stayed out of the family because of her for 25 years.

She had been counting on my Dh moving closer to her to help shuttle around the kids once her BF kicked her out of the house but instead he moved to be closer to me. I am the bread winner of the family. You wouldnt pay more than full price for a damaged used car would you? we only get them every other weekend, but that is too much as poorly and nasty as they treat me. I feel like a single mother when his kids come. During our relationship I have been thrown in the role of mommy which at first I didn’t mind. He may feel at a loss himself as to how to set boundaries with his children, and discipline them, teaching them right from wrong.

I hope your husband finds out that you hate his child and even want her to die. We had a good but not close relationship.

I would not trade my stepchildren for anything, and that includes biological children of my own.

We’ve had “family meetings” and I’ve talked many, many, many times with my husband over the years. He has 2 boys.

I doubt your dad’s widow set out to make an enemy of you. It seemed liked the more I did for them the worse the situation was getting.

Dealing with rudeness from your father's wife can be a challenging situation. Grown (adult) women do not try to disrespect their husbands memory for the sake of hurting a entity that is no longer a relation in her life. I deserve to keep the things I’ve earned and inherit like the life partner and spouse that I am.

I had no experience and I’ve only tried to do my best.


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