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He was replaced by Rick Sternbach, who was supervised by James in his new role. The released version includes a hybrid version with both the remastered high-definition footage interspersed with the footage from the VHS tape. [18] He had intended to pursue a career in design for films, but after working on Black Rain, he returned to Star Trek with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and took on the role of production designer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. There were significant changes backstage to the writing team. "[7] Official sources stated that Paramount became involved, and that the company felt the story was inappropriate for younger viewers in the syndicated marketplace and that complaints would be received from parents. [4] Snodgrass later explained that, "Once I came on board there suddenly seemed to be this climate of discussion among the writers about what we wanted to do with the show. The other two editors left after four more episodes, with Snodgrass remaining as the sole story editor for the rest of the season. Roddenberry gave Wright a number notes on the script, who accidentally handed over notes on the script to Gerrold which were written by Roddenberry's lawyer, Leonard Maizlish. Production designer Herman F. Zimmerman left the show to work on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and was replaced by Richard James, who remained with the show for the rest of the series. A viewscreen was added to the observation lounge and a new set was created to represent the Ten-Forward lounge. These were the only Emmy Awards won by the show; the other episodes nominated were "Elementary, Dear Data" in two categories, while "A Matter of Honor", "The Child" and "Unnatural Selection" were each nominated once. Budgetary reasons resulted in the season ending with the episode "Shades of Grey", a clip show consisting mostly of footage of earlier episodes. [2] Muldaur was offered a main cast credit, but declined in favor of a "special guest appearance" credit,[2] and went into the role expecting only to be in the show for a single season. Roddenberry told his staff that "Times have changed and we have got to be aware of it. Other Works [22] In his view, the episodes during season two were varied in quality. Sirtis praised this development, as she felt she had been overlooked during the first season due to the presence of both McFadden and Denise Crosby. It was the first time he awarded the top score to an episode; none of the first season had qualified. [21] Keith DeCandido later suggested that it was Maurice Hurley who wanted McFadden out of the show, and after he left at the end of the season, the door was open for her to return. She had also appeared in a Roddenberry-led pilot, Planet Earth. Captain Picard must find a way to rescue two radically incompatible cultures, one a primitive Irish farming colony threatened by solar flares, and the other a colony of clones facing inevitable genetic degeneration. Licensed psychotherapist. Jaime Hubbard is an actress, known for Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), Platypus Man (1995) and Ellen (1994). That's what I was told by someone who was in a position to know. Blood and Fire (Star Trek: The Next Generation), List of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, "Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: Second Season Overview", "The Light from the TV Shows: A Chat with Billy Campbell ("Killing Lincoln")", "Star Trek: The Next Generation Nielsen Ratings – Seasons 1–2", "Star Trek: The Next Generation Nielsen Ratings – Seasons 3–4", "Star Trek: The Next Generation Nielsen Ratings – Seasons 5–6", "Star Trek: The Next Generation Nielsen Ratings – Seasons 7", "Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 (1988–1989)", "Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Measure of a Man, "Star Trek: The Next Generation "Shades of Grey, "Picard and Crew Return in this Excellent Remastering of the Classic Series", "Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Two Blu-ray Review", "IGN and Fathom Present: Star Trek: TNG Beams Back Into Theaters for Season 2's Blu-ray Release", "Saturn Awards winners list: 'Avengers,' 'Breaking Bad' and more", "Star Trek: The Next Generation Lives Again on the Big Screen", "The Next Generation – Season 2 – Star Trek Continues On Blu-ray with the Best Extras!

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