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[MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] Seymour! You put them in the safe, didn't you? — M.M. Broadway Cast, 2003 (DRG) (3 / 5) This recording is commendable for its completeness. [AUDREY II, spoken] In the plant? [MR. MUSHNIK] [CHIFFON & RONETTE & CRYSTAL, sung] Come on, come on And that! Too bad If you don't I'll have to go tell them myself If you don't mind, we'll start taking cuttings right now. [AUDREY II, sung] Just knock No thief would ever look in there, right? Now open up! Eat it! Ahhh! Once he's out of the way, you move in, right? But now I catch you kissin' the dentist's girlfriend? [CHIFFON & RONETTE & CRYSTAL, sung] No shit, Sherlock! [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] [AUDREY II, sung] [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] Take that! [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] [CHIFFON & RONETTE & CRYSTAL, sung] These changes make it an incomplete record of the material that most people will see performed in revivals, but what’s here is presented well enough to forgive what’s not. [SEYMOUR, spoken] [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] And I wanna thank you Click here to buy Little Shop of Horrors tickets today! You're a monster and so am I! Give up, Krelbourn! Why not? Little Shop of Horrors is a horror comedy rock musical with music by Alan Menken and lyrics and a book by Howard Ashman.The story follows a hapless florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh. Come on, come on Finally, there’s Ellen Greene, her unique talents perfectly matched to the role of the abused yet ever-hopeful Audrey. — Matthew Murray. [SEYMOUR, spoken] A pre-Broadway production debuted at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables, Florida on May 16, 2003. [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] They're gonna turn you in Happily, the mistakes that were made for the pumped-up Broadway presentation of 2003 were not replicated here, and the show was a big hit in its run at the Westside until it had to close indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today. Information about Alan Menken's Broadway musical, Little Shop of Horrors, including news and gossip, production information, synopsis, musical numbers, sheetmusic, cds, videos, books, sound and video clips, tickets, lyrics, rights holders, the offical website and more. [SEYMOUR, spoken] And that! Imagine, boy: Audrey IIs everywhere! The score, with lyrics by Howard Ashman and music by Alan Menken, is a treasure; it charmingly combines evocative, early-’60s pop/rock song styles with theatricality so solid that the “girl group” sound of the catchy title song and the driving Motown beat of “Git It” don’t sound out of place next to the sweetly heartfelt “Somewhere That’s Green” or the soaring duet “Suddenly Seymour.” Then there’s a wonderful cast. Ahhh! This page is about the 1982 Off-Broadway Production of Little Shop of Horrors. A dentist's uniform! The original cast recording of Little Shop of Horrors beautifully demonstrates why this show has become a modern classic. This disc is the recording of the original cast of the theatrical run of Little Shop of Horrors in 1982. Directed by Roger Corman. [CHIFFON & RONETTE & CRYSTAL, sung] I'll get you from the inside [SEYMOUR, spoken] Muppeteer Martin P. Robinson, who designed the original Audrey II puppets, enlisted The Ji… Tom Alan Robins is just right as Mushnik, and the three women who play the Urchins — Ari Groover, Salome Smith, and Joy Woods — come across as powerhouse vocalists individually and when functioning as a girl group. [AUDREY II, sung] [AUDREY II, spoken] [AUDREY II, spoken] [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] I saw it last week and didn't think twice Suppertime Original Broadway Cast of Little Shop of Horrors Featuring Rob Bartlett , Hunter Foster & Michael-Leon Wooley Album Little Shop of Horrors (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Then come with me to the police and tell them that! I'm innocent! Come on, come on I'll go lock up and we'll head over It starred Lee Wilkof and Ellen Greene. Ahhh! Bigger Than Hula-Hoops Lyrics: I've got a truck waiting outside and some pots. While some of the show’s sweet simplicity was sacrificed in favor of bigger takes on everything for the Broadway revival, Little Shop fans will want this cast album to be part of their collection despite its minor flaws. Happily, while the score retains most of its original intimacy, it sounds better than ever with full orchestrations by Bob Gaudio, Thomas Pasatieri, and original orchestrator Robby Merkin; “Suddenly Seymour” is particularly thrilling. We're talking about world conquest! [SEYMOUR, spoken] That's what you had in mind all along, isn't it? [SEYMOUR] Little Shop of Horrors Broadway, Little Shop of Horrors Original Cast List, Original Cast, Current Cast You know he's on your trail In 2003, an $8 million revival of Little Shop of Horrors was planned with the goal of opening on Broadway. (spoken) The money's inside the plant? . For other uses, see Productions. Seymour! [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] IBDB (Internet Broadway Database) archive is the official database for Broadway theatre information. I think it's suppertime Now, will you come? They're gonna put you in jail [AUDREY II, spoken] When he's gone the world will be yours The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Hy Anzell is fine as flower-shop owner Mushnik; Franc Luz plays a variety of bit parts successfully, including the sadistic biker dentist; and Sheila Kay Davis, Jennifer Leigh Warren, and Leilani Jones are great as the close-harmony singing, Greek-choruslike urchins. Ah, suppertime It's suppertime [AUDREY II, spoken] [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] I'm innocent! You ate the only thing I ever loved! Lee Wilkof is just right as the nebbishy Seymour, who tends to the carnivorous Audrey II (soulfully voiced by Ron Taylor). [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] It’s disappointing that one full song, an important reprise, and small sections of other numbers are omitted from this cast album, and included is a version of “Mushnik and Son” that was later replaced. Eat it! And it begins to look like a motive Every household in America. Much bigger! I thought that'd be the safest place. [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] The production was directed by Wilkof's wife, Connie Grappo, who was the assistant to Howard Ashman during the original production. And that! Greene perfectly melds trashiness with vulnerability while singing beautifully. Lee Wilkof, who originated the role of Seymour in 1982, was cast as Mr. Mushnik. The original cast recording of Little Shop of Horrors beautifully demonstrates why this show has become a modern classic. Ellen Greene plays as Audrey, who went on to reprise the role in the 1986 film version. Feed me! The 1982 Off-Broadway Production is the first ever production of Little Shop of Horrors. Give up small fry! Imagine, boy: Audrey IIs everywhere! [AUDREY II, spoken] [SEYMOUR, spoken] Come on, come on Bigger than hula hoops Most people who know LSoH mainly have seen the film version, and are familiar with those versions of the songs. So how am I supposed to get it? [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] Knock? I swear on all my spores [SEYMOUR, spoken] [SEYMOUR, spoken] [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] It's thousands of dollars! There are a few musical changes — most significantly, the use of the movie version’s extended title song. [MR. MUSHNIK, spoken] This! [AUDREY II, sung] Original Broadway Cast of Little Shop of Horrors Featuring Rob Bartlett , Hunter Foster & Michael-Leon Wooley Album Little Shop of Horrors (Original Broadway Cast Recording) The score, as heard in Will Van Dyke’s fine new arrangements/orchestrations, is lovingly presented, and the leads are every inch as appealing a couple as they need to be; though some Little Shop fans may be nonplussed by Groff’s lack of a New York accent in the role, his Seymour is arguably the most warmly sung on record, while Blanchard’s Audrey is only a slight disappointment in that her limitations at the top of her vocal range seem to have necessitated a downward transposition of “Suddenly Seymour.” Borle is hysterically funny as the dentist of one’s nightmares, while Kingley Leggs richly voices Audrey II in the traditional mode. [AUDREY II, sung] Okay... He's got your number now [AUDREY II, spoken] Uh, don't you wanna collect the day's receipts, so you can deposit them in the morning? [MAN, spoken] He's got his facts all straight Everything in the score is here, including “Mushnik & Son ” (with the now-standard lyrics), “Call Back in the Morning,” Audrey’s “Somewhere That’s Green” reprise, and even the “Shing-a-ling” first act finale. [SEYMOUR, spoken] And that! (AUDREY II eats MR. MUSHNIK), Original Broadway Cast of Little Shop of Horrors, Little Shop of Horrors (Original Broadway Cast Recording). Original Off-Broadway Cast, 1982 (Geffen) (4 / 5) Who would have thought that Roger Corman and Charles B. Griffith’s campy 1960 horror flick about a bloodthirsty plant out for world conquest would make such a delightful musical? With Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, Dick Miller. And that! [AUDREY II, sung] [SEYMOUR, spoken] ), playing at the intimate Westside Theatre on far West 43rd Street in a very well received production directed by Michael Mayer and starring Jonathan Groff as Seymour, Tammy Blanchard as Audrey, and Christian Borle as Orin Scrivello, DDS.

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