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One year later, a refined and prettier version of the M10, called the M12, appeared. The 2.5 engine received a host of upgrades during its life so ensure they have been fitted to the Noble you are looking at, and for track work a baffled sump is required to prevent oil starvation. Fair prices, quick service and never any issues.”, “Been using Noble Motorsport for as long as I can remember. The 5 spoke is obviously easier to clean but is more prone to kerbing.

This 2004 Noble M12 GTO-3R 2dr features a TWIN-TURBOCHARGED 360-HP V-6 6cyl Gasoline engine. The earliest three litres frequently blew baffles but this has been rectified on the later models.

Thanks guys and to Chris who did a great job on my landy!”, “Had a power run on my escort Rs turbo today, Great bunch of lads thanks a lot will see you soon”, T:  01246 272749 The Magnetti Marelli ECU fitted to the 2.5 engines were susceptible to failing but the MBE systems used in newer cars have proved reliable and have improved mapping. Ball joints often failed on early cars due to heat from the brakes but uprated ball joints are available from Noble at £11 each and cost around £50 to fit. Never looked back since. We were appointed Noble Automotives designated engine builder for the Noble M12 sports car project and produced over 400 units for them.

1 Hilarious Shocking Reaction! While new examples would have cost you It is equipped with a 6 Speed Manual transmission. I’ll recommend them to anyone! For this project, we took a standard 220bhp NASP ford v6 unit and modifying the cylinder block with oil spray jets altering cam timing compression ratios and strengthened the whole unit creating a 500+bhp twin turbo engine. The seats were also laid out closer to the centre of the car improving the driving position. This 2004 Noble M12 GTO-3R 2dr features a TWIN-TURBOCHARGED 360-HP V-6 6cyl Gasoline engine.

The handbrake light can come on during hard cornering but this is down to insufficient fluid or it could mean the pads are worn. 172 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 2AR. This model was designated the GTO-3. The M400 came with 425bhp which was provided by more aggressive cams, forged pistons, larger turbos, improved cooling, revised engine mapping in addition to this Dynamics springs and dampers, a front anti roll bar, a new steering rack (which increased the number of turns lock to lock from 1.7 to 2.5) and Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres were also fitted.

Highly recommend for value for money & excellent customer service”, “Big thanks to Mike & Darren, great ‘can do’ attitude, all those PIA jobs I’ve never got round to done 1st visit, remapped 2nd visit, back again soon to finish what I started over 4 years ago”, “Had my Evo in at Noble – great professional service and the car’s handling is night and day. Noble interiors are available in alcantara or leather. Privacy Policy. 2. Update the M12 and M400. Carbon Fiber M400 Side Scoop. The designer of the Noble and the companies owner is Lee Noble who’s past achievements have included the Ultima, the original Ascari (a Prosport 333 race car) and a Ferrari P4 The first M12s (GTO) were available for sale in 2001 with this Noble developing 310bhp@6000rpm and 320lbs/ft of torque at 3500rpm thanks to its two Garret T25 turbos blowing into a strengthened Ford 2.5 V6 Duratec engine. Check the front clamshell for stone chip damage. time of 10.2 seconds in the hands of EVO magazine. Your email address will not be published. Book your vehicle in... Get in touch with our friendly team today. The two types make a very different note. some faults but the search for a pukka example is well worth it as the Noble can out accelerate a Porsche 911 GT3 to 100mph. £624, These quotes are form the AA although cheaper insurance may be available through high performance car insurance specialists, Sources The R also came with increased noise insulation which added 30kg to the cars weight. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SENSATION ISA 50M SUPERYACHT DESIGNED FOR CHARTER!!! The early 2.5 Noble’s had side exit exhausts, later models exited above the rear diffuser. Dashes can be brought back to life with a bar of soap. Thank you!”, “Love this place.

The... 2004 Noble M12 GTO-3R in Rockville, MD • Noble M12 GTO-3R factory built race car for the street ! Both these cars are still available new (at the time of writing July 2005) the GTO priced at £47,950 and the 3R at £49,950. The biggest drawback of the M400 is the cost but this is a car than can accelerate to 100mph in 8.0seconds. replica.

StrikeEngine TV – Submit Your YouTube Channel, Submit an article/press release to, Advertise on Google – Adsense Account Setup, Website Marketing (Automotive) – StrikeEngine Business Services. English car magazines swooned, praising the Noble for superb driving dynamics.

The air con can suffer intermittent failures due to heat soak from the turbos shutting the compressor unit down. Couldn’t recommend enough.”, “Been taking my VXR here for a while now and will never go elsewhere. Know their stuff!”, “Great professional service finally found a car garage that you feel you can trust with your own pride and joy! Double check the stamps in the service book with the garage that serviced the car to ensure they are genuine.

Highly recommend”, “I’d like to thank noble sport for the remapping of my BMW 535d!! Noble M12 Buying Guide covering part prices, servicing costs, suspension, gearboxes, chassis, bodywork, brakes, and the engines found in the Noble M12 EVO magazine hailed Noble as … Noble Motorsports in house Maha rolling road dyno means we have the equipment and knowledge to properly set up your newly built engine from initial start-up and running-in, through to full power. Whether you require a refresh on a VW Golf, a full race-engine build or a production run of multiple races or sports car engines, we have the knowledge and facilities to cope. Required fields are marked *. Boston Mike vs Archer Ari. 975.00. Estimate: $70,000 - $80,000 The car has never felt so good and the service was 1st class! Always been quick and efficient and reasonably priced. Interested in our service? A:  172 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 2AR, © 2020 Noble Motorsport. As the Noble only weighed 980kg, the sprinting ability of the car was phenomenal.

Powered by a Ford Duratec 3.... • Noble M12 GTO-3R factory built race car for the street ! Main dealers and specialists can carry out servicing but if your undertaking major work, check out the forums listed at the bottom of this page and seek recommendations. Fuel filters can also be a cause of fuel starvation on cars taken on track so its worth checking the state of the filter before taking it to a trackday and its also advisable to have at least half a tank of fuel to avoid lean running conditions. It is equipped with a 6 Speed Manual transmission. uk track day organisers EVO magazine hailed Noble as “Britain’s new supercar maker” back in September 2000 and they still believe this to be the case today. The MBE ECU can be upgraded by the factory to 340bhp and this also improves engine response and gives a fatter torque curve. Diffs on the early car can fail but there is an optional LSD available directly form Noble, this LSD is the standard one that came on all the cars with the six peed gearbox. The bodywork is fibreglass so can be cracked by stone chips. Definitely 5 stars!”, “Brilliant service! 35 year old advertising exec in Bracknell with 3 points for speeding, car garaged, 3 Years NCB, 10,00miles a year I can not recommend them highly enough.”, “I would like to say a massive Thank you to Noble Motorsport, I had a car disaster at the weekend and they have been real life savers! There have been 4 variants of the M12 which have included various component upgrades so its important to know what your looking at. Went above and beyond recently with a lift home thrown in too! Check the join between the flat floor and the car as water can get trapped causing degradation of materials. E:  Email Us With any new car maker there have been Noble M12/M400 Body work and panels . If not negotiate the price of a possible ECU change into the price. Best handling and accelerating car you can buy for the money! This can be fixed for between £300 and £700 depending on how bad it is. Noble’s answer to this was the M400 which was launched in 2004. Engine building has always been at the heart of Noble Motorsport since the company’s beginning in 1975 as John Noble Engines. To Be OFFERED AT AUCTION at RM Sothebys' Auburn Fall event, 29 August - 1 September 2019. Videos – Parts – Information – Directory – Insurance, Noble M12 Buying Guide covering part prices, servicing costs, suspension, gearboxes, chassis, bodywork, brakes, and the engines found in the Noble M12. 0. Noble has built a strong brand name with the M12 and it has succeeded in taking sales away from Porsche, Lotus and TVR and if the Noble was not the car EVO thinks they are, then they would not have sold over 600 of them. A GTO-3R model was released later and this came with a Getrag Ford 6 Speed gearbox with closer ratios as well as a Quaife Torque Biasing Differential. The 3R seats are widely thought to be the best but can still cause aches and pains in the back. “Once again, Noble Motorsport have come to my rescue. At the start of 2003 the 2.5 unit was replaced by a 3.0 litre which again utilised two turbocharger’s. By far the best customer service I’ve had since I started driving and above all their integrity and quality of work makes me return again and again. When checking the brakes check both sides, inside and out as they wear unevenly. Web Design by Creative Asset. The 3R seats are not compatible with the other models.

The Noble M12 and its engine proved to be an instant hit with motoring journalists and public alike. – Directory, Videos, Guides, Information, Japanese Car Importers –, 2 Big Trash Talkers!

£904, 55year old lawyer living in Nottingham, Full NCB, clean licence, car garaged, 10,000miles a year Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At Noble Motorsport, we also have a designated room for cleaning engine parts with a purpose built 3 stage engine parts wash. We were appointed Noble Automotives designated engine builder for the Noble M12 sports car project and produced over 400 units for them. Always there to help, get your car in at very short notice and always do a good job.”, “Had both our cars serviced here on a few occasions. At Noble Motorsport we have a designated clinical engine building room, with 4 separate engine build stations. Some cars have been fitted with aftermarket Nitron single way adjustable dampers and these are required to be set up accuracy. A swap from one ECU to the other is expensive though and comes in at £2000 due to the fact that the complete engine loom has to be changed. Engine: 3.0 V6 Twin Turbocharged (TurboHoses Stage 1) Disability Equipped: No: Drive Type: RWD: Doors: 2: Mileage: 1000 Engine / Chassis 20780 : Drive Train: Mid-Engine: Rear Wheel Drive: Sub Model: Number of Doors: 2: Exterior Color: Grey: Body Type: Coupe: Interior Color: Black Red Leather: Number of Cylinders: 6: Transmission: 6 Speed: Fuel Type: GAS/91 octane . £45,550 they can now be picked up for £28,000. The compressor will work again after it has cooled down. Their courtesy and customer satisfaction is the best I’ve ever experienced.

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