renault 5 sport

The Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85 is a Race car produced by Renault.

It foregoes power steering so it is actually quite heavy in traffic.

It was run as a promotion for the Turin motor industry.

For these reasons it has accessed to a legendary status and has a huge fan base. Renault R 5 GTR (može zamena) 300 € 4 HD.

The R5 was marketed in the US as Le Car, from 1976 to 1983. The programme, however, proceeded.

They’re getting collector attention, too, with Gooding & Company recently getting $440,000 for a Lancia Delta S4 Stradale. | From the Aug. 2017 issue

Below 3000 rpm it is stubborn as a mule—and then the turbo kicks in. Jean Ragnotti won the 1981 Monte Carlo Rally for Renault. Serious competition plans were ahead. The engine is wildly addictive, begging for yet another shift through the gearbox. From the middle of the 1970s, Renault were in the foreground for the development of turbocharging in motorsport. It would be a stretch to say that the second-generation Renault 5, known back home as the Supercinq, looks significantly different from the first-generation Le Car. Type in GT5 Once the homologation models were produced, a second version named Turbo 2 was introduced using more stock Renault 5 parts replacing many of the light alloy components in the original 5 Turbo version, and dropping the stunning and specific Bertone seats and dashboard for the interior of the R5 Alpine.

Double-wishbone suspension was installed both front and rear, and large fiberglass fender flares were mounted over the wheel arches to accommodate wider tires. The works Renault 5 Turbo retired on the 1980 Tour de Corse with alternator failure. It was to be a tragic event as the Lancia driver, Attilio Bettega, lost his life, the team withdrawing their other cars in respect, but all the time Renault was watching their rivals having problems. All of the 201 examples were finished in grey with characteristic red striping. They are now even more out of place, but they have lost none of their attraction–and probably never will. 1330 mm Youngtimers Sports & Classics is a Renault Classic Parts specialist company in the manufacture, sale, development and optimization of parts for the small Renault parts specialist, as … Where is the video? Ragnotti leaves the start ramp before his victory on the 1985 Tour de Corse Rally. 324 of the 1678 examples built between 1980 and 1982. Don’t be fooled by the Martini livery: This is still the street version.

Cars from nearly all of Renault’s subsequent turbo design lines started to be used by privateers in rallying, including R5 Alpine Turbo, R5 GT Turbo, R9 and R11 Turbo, R18 Turbo, R21 2 litre Turbo, R25 V6 Turbo, and Alpine V6 Turbo. Audi’s solution was to come up with a shortened wheelbase and wider track, for which XL-sized fenders were necessary. It had been produced in only 1690 units, while followed by the less coveted, yet still desirable, Renault 5 Turbo 2 at 3167 units. It is also the only one here with a dogleg-type, five-speed gearbox.

“It's pretty fast considering it's 1100 ccs, it'll probably do 135 to 140 kilometers, which would be 85 mph maybe” McFalls replies. Debuting in the WRC in October of 1980, its performance impressed all who saw it kick up dust, but it didn't grab its first checkered flag until the opening stage of the following season in Monte Carlo. 3 October 2020. Grand Prix; Results and Standings Lancia employed four-wheel drive–the “normal” street Delta only received front- drive–but maintained very much a 70/30 rear-wheel drive bias.

The gearshift knob is every bit like the one you will find in a modest 205 as well.

| 218.000 km | Benzin | 1400 cm 3, Kupe, 44kW (60KS), Manuelni 5 brzina, 4/5 vrata, 5 sedišta, Bor. But what if we had found the Renault 5 in its unaltered form a decade later, just as it was getting good? Imports of the Le Car stopped by the end of 1983, just as production at the AMC Kenosha plant was really heating up. In those days the competition engine capacity co-efficient for turbocharged cars was x1.4.

The 1984 redesign saw the Renault 5 grow in length and width, adding some room to the cabin for the benefit of front and rear passengers alike, with the number of trim levels increasing as well. TC4 track car: when R.S.

The 5 Turbo was based on the production Renault 5 Alpine, but Renault Sport … Apr 30, 2020 | Posted in Many parts also became dark grey rather than the iconic red or blue.

Jean- Luc Therier’s Porsche then led into the final night before he went off, and scooping the prizes was Jean Ragotti’s 5 Turbo, which for this event was fitted with Michelin’s special TRX tyres which required specially designed wheels. Synopsis. Height At the time of retirement, the newly created historical categories allowed these cars to return to international events and competitions, living a third life.

In fact, he only switched to the short-wheelbase Sport quattro after he was certain that he had the championship in the bag. The heritage of the 5 Turbo and Maxi Turbo projects continued, and turbocharged rallying at Renault went from strength to strength.

Up until the Lancia Delta S4 appeared towards the end of 1985, Peugeot dominated the World Rally Championship. “This is a base model car,” McFalls explains. L74oajxGZ4SrbhQxPkygMEW7GSmvtTylxXQNvlLMdraqVobGBSymfe2fkioKmfN6. By Staff Writer A sportier version was also available, in the form of the 115-bhp Renault 5 GT Turbo which used a Garrett T2 turbocharger with its 1,397-cc pushrod engine. From the middle of the 1970s, Renault were in the foreground for the development of turbocharging in motorsport. Because the rear-heavy 5 Maxi Turbo had a distinct disadvantage on the unpaved sections of the race, it only competed in the tarmac events.

The WRC debut of the car was the Tour de Corse when Ragnotti impressively led from start to finish, a huge encouragement after two disappointing retirements earlier with the car on French championship events. They figured that the brand’s first small steps with turbocharged engines in Formula 1 could have some significance in rally as well. Interior in GT6 But the instruments definitely speak rally, sporting a big orange warning light that alerts you when things might become very expensive. But in the late 1980s, excess ruled automotive sales, not cleverly packaged subcompacts that could turn on a dime and were rarely thirsty for gas. It requires a delicate touch, especially when you start thinking about the fact that of the 224 Sport quattros that Audi produced, only 164 were sold to customers.

Allied to this were the related design factors which were dictated by engine size, notably the minimum weight of the car and the dimensions of the road wheels. As we get in and go for a drive, it is immediately apparent that the engine doesn't have to work too hard for us to keep up with traffic. While the Lancia was the last and biggest hurrah of the class. Menu Back Back; Home; Formula 1. [1] The Turbo 2 was less expensive, but had nearly the same levels of performance, with a top speed of 200 km/h (120 mph) and 0–100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.9 seconds. Autoweek may earn money from the links on this page.

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