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On the day when a battle is expectedto take place, they run about armed with guns, or sticks carved tolook like guns, and taking green paw-paws (fruits shaped somewhatlike a melon), they hack them with knives, as if they were choppingoff the heads of the foe. Once thesetapers begin to burn, there is nothing but milk that will put themout. Many people prefer to read off-line or to print out text and read from the real printed page. Knots and Rings tabooed, Chapter 22. This last rule is an instance of the things which the hunterabstains from doing lest, on the principle that like produces like,they should spoil his luck. They maynot turn their heads to the left or to the right or make any othermovement whatsoever. The Egyptian and the Aino Types of Sacrament 2. When the dance was over, these weapons werehidden. This book is available for free download in a number of formats Ceremonies at Hair-cutting 8. 309 _sq. Here it is worthobserving that in his long and chequered career this mythicalpersonage has displayed a remarkable tenacity of life. Osiris a God of the Dead, Chapter 45. This combination of priestly functions with royal authority isfamiliar to every one. What are your favorite science-fiction or fantasy series that is not by native English authors? Bringing in Summer 5. Names of Relations tabooed 3. Thus, for example, on the crucial question of thepractice of putting kings to death either at the end of a fixedperiod or whenever their health and strength began to fail, the bodyof evidence which points to the wide prevalence of such a custom hasbeen considerably augmented in the interval. When Epidaurus sufferedfrom a dearth, the people, in obedience to an oracle, carved imagesof Damia and Auxesia out of sacred olive wood, and no sooner hadthey done so and set them up than the earth bore fruit again.Moreover, at Troezen itself, and apparently within the precinct ofHippolytus, a curious festival of stone-throwing was held in honourof these maidens, as the Troezenians called them; and it is easy toshow that similar customs have been practised in many lands for theexpress purpose of ensuring good crops. I really liked the books like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest article and read all the books are there any more recommendations? For recent researchesinto the early history of man have revealed the essential similaritywith which, under many superficial differences, the human mind haselaborated its first crude philosophy of life. Names of Kings and other Sacred Persons tabooed 5. Yet the tradition recorded byCato seems too circumstantial, and its sponsor too respectable, toallow us to dismiss it as an idle fiction. This book is available for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. Having succeeded in the effort, he nexthooks it up again in another series of contortions and grimaces,while the patient experiences a corresponding relief. The Burning of Human Beings in the Fires 1. What is the most life changing book that you have ever read. If they did, it would cause the boat to pitchand toss; and they may not eat any sticky stuff, such as rice boiledin coco-nut milk, for the stickiness of the food would clog thepassage of the boat through the water. What book did you read with the most unlikeable protagonist? To put it otherwise,magic is here blent with and reinforced by religion. On thisfair coast Hippolytus was worshipped. Again, a Blackfoot Indian who has seta trap for eagles, and is watching it, would not eat rosebuds on anyaccount; for he argues that if he did so, and an eagle alighted nearthe trap, the rosebuds in his own stomach would make the bird itch,with the result that instead of swallowing the bait the eagle wouldmerely sit and scratch himself. To cross it sooner would cause the vessel to perish. In itself the opinion is not improbable, and itis borne out by the example of Sparta, almost the only purely Greekstate which retained the kingly form of government in historicaltimes. Analogous Rites in India 9. The Corn-spirit as a Horse or Mare 9. Further, theMalagasy soldier must eschew kidneys, because in the Malagasylanguage the word for kidney is the same as that for "shot"; so shothe would certainly be if he ate a kidney. It is not a tabooto say, "Do not put your hand in the fire"; it is a rule of commonsense, because the forbidden action entails a real, not an imaginaryevil. The Transference to Men 4. Charms based on the Law of Similarity maybe called Homoeopathic or Imitative Magic. Ifyou pretend to give birth to a boy, or even to a great bearded manwho has not a drop of your blood in his veins, then, in the eyes ofprimitive law and philosophy, that boy or man is really your son toall intents and purposes. In the Kei Islands, when the warriors havedeparted, the women return indoors and bring out certain basketscontaining fruits and stones. For the sameprinciples which the magician applies in the practice of his artare implicitly believed by him to regulate the operations ofinanimate nature; in other words, he tacitly assumes that the Lawsof Similarity and Contact are of universal application and are notlimited to human actions. Beneficent Powers of Tree-Spirits, Chapter 10. By. Where beliefs like these prevail as to the sympathetic connexionbetween friends at a distance, we need not wonder that aboveeverything else war, with its stern yet stirring appeal to some ofthe deepest and tenderest of human emotions, should quicken in theanxious relations left behind a desire to turn the sympathetic bondto the utmost account for the benefit of the dear ones who may atany moment be fighting and dying far away. The King of Madagascar was high-priest of therealm. Tree-spirits 2. It began at the time "when the plant had attained itsfull growth, and fibres shooting forth from the top of the green earindicated that the grain was fully formed. let our bullets hit, and those of the enemy miss." download 1 file . Rather we picture toourselves the scene as it may have been witnessed by a belatedwayfarer on one of those wild autumn nights when the dead leaves arefalling thick, and the winds seem to sing the dirge of the dyingyear. Mourners tabooed 3. Thechief product of some parts of Laos, a province of Siam, is lac.This is a resinous gum exuded by a red insect on the young branchesof trees, to which the little creatures have to be attached by hand.All who engage in the business of gathering the gum abstain fromwashing themselves and especially from cleansing their heads, lestby removing the parasites from their hair they should detach theother insects from the boughs. This indicates a confusion between the conceptions of the corn-spirit as theriomorphic (in animal form) and as anthropomorphic (in human form).18 Generally the Wolf is brought home on the last Some of the rules are negative and some are positive, butall alike are based on the principles of magical homoeopathy andtelepathy. The Perils of the Soul 1. With this intention, a priest recited thefollowing spell: "Up to the sun shall go thy heart-ache and thyjaundice: in the colour of the red bull do we envelop thee! One was Egeria, the nymph ofthe clear water which, bubbling from the basaltic rocks, used tofall in graceful cascades into the lake at the place called Le Mole,because here were established the mills of the modern village ofNemi. The External Soul in Inanimate Things 2. After that, by way ofgiving a final bloom to his complexion, he took some hairs of a redbull, wrapt them in gold leaf, and glued them to the patient's skin.The ancients held that if a person suffering from jaundice lookedsharply at a stone-curlew, and the bird looked steadily at him, hewas cured of the disease.

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