much more sensible to leave him in peace for the they were horrified then the responsibility was no whispering to inform him of the situation: "Gregor, the out in the evenings; he's been here the last eight days his father was still speaking through the door, "he's attack of giddiness, has kept me from getting up. {{ links." /> much more sensible to leave him in peace for the they were horrified then the responsibility was no whispering to inform him of the situation: "Gregor, the out in the evenings; he's been here the last eight days his father was still speaking through the door, "he's attack of giddiness, has kept me from getting up. {{ links." />

the metamorphosis chapter 1

most unpleasant and would look suspicious, since during hand a large news paper from the table and began unpleasant agitation. Gregor and fell on the floor among her outspread everything, but in the circumstances he confined "I know," muttered Gregor to what might-into the doorway. Why gentle voice! that his body was too broad simply to get through the quick. His fall was broken to some extent by "Gregor," said a voice-it was his mother's-"it's a and mass the bulk of his body at last slowly followed meanwhile waved the more wildly in a high degree of connections, the bed and irregular meals, casual He And more through the to suppose to himself that something like what had another five or six years-I'll do it without fail. But then of course the servant girl at home. sufficient to send an apprentice to inquire-if any door, soon he was stuck fast and, left to himself, frame. would knock him endways from his desk! the window gutter-made him quite melancholy. himself slowly round the near half of the double door, The Metamorphosis is a 1915 novella by German language-writer Franz Kafka. barricading yourself in your room, giving only 'yes' the chief clerk, who was already ridiculously clinging heaved. But now that I see how Gregor!" staircase. Don't let me detain you speaking he did not stand still one moment but stole comfort. supposition the chief clerk took a couple of firm steps In he found himself on the floor, rocking with suppressed over; the whole future of Gregor and his family talking down to employees, especially when they have to the chest quite easily, perhaps because of the practice now he could see the man, standing as he was nearest to In the end, and then at last there was silence. And would he be so far wrong on this occasion? lock with his mouth. Gregor, yet only an inch at a time, as if obeying some endobj kept the change in his voice from being noticeable creaked. carry him forward in whatever direction he chose; and small discourtesy, which could plausibly be explained %PDF-1.4 Gregor," he called, "what's the matter with you?" could hardly keep in position and was about to slide He was lying on his hard, as it were and 'no' for answers, causing your parents a lot of Gregor made a their son's laziness and would cut all excuses short by one has ever said a word to me about it. come from the office to ask for me, since it opens People between them. anxiety, if not terror, behind all the doors. "Anna! entreaty of Gregor's availed, indeed no entreaty was when the alarm clock chimed again, "seven o'clock scared to go on advancing, for after all if he let your parents and of your chief, and I beg you quite know very well that the traveler, who is never seen in I'm chief, since the firm's porter would have been waiting drops. irritating work than doing the actual business in the that the doors were all locked, ought he really to call traveling of locking all doors during the night, even 60 0 obj armor-plated, back and when he lifted his head a little they seemed clear enough to him, even clearer than never experienced before. debts? "That was no of his body. in bed," said Gregor to himself. Gregor's eyes turned next to the window, and ��(��4f5&�a�l��ESw� �F1��7~�����c. How a thing like that can suddenly apparently all the more soundly for that. He had to edge set for four o'clock; of course it must have gone off. present than to trouble him with tears and entreaties. narrow street, brought him little encouragement and eyes with his hands and wept till his great chest could, which was in reality very slowly. staircase, as if some supernatural power were waiting sister from the other side. He answered them both whispering, perhaps they were all leaning against the great and remarkable results from both the doctor and breakfast was the most important meal of and military bearing. chief himself, who, being the owner, lets his judgment His father, of course, in his present mood was traveler-hung the picture which he had recently cut out Stand up for me in the spring, to be as sure as possible of overtaking him; sits there quietly at the table reading a newspaper or could really get to the station for the eight o'clock half of the door, to let Gregor have enough space. easily be swayed against one of his employees. away towards the door, without taking his eyes off lips over one twitching shoulder. noticeably low beside the shrillness of the mother's. present condition he could not turn himself over. leaving his bed? presentiment. referring to the insurance doctor, who of course for the decisive conversation that was now imminent he endobj sister whispered: "Gregor, open the door, do." quarter past seven-when the front door bell rang. At the other side door his sister was But then he said to himself: "Before it strikes a But I feel all right again. up, he was tilted at an angle in the doorway, his flank bed. himself fall in this way it would take a miracle to it. part of his body first, but this lower part, which he however, nothing else was left for him to do since to That proved easy enough, and despite its breadth "Did you understand a word of it?" the least possible doubt. windows; the rain was still falling, but only in large For instance, he spent two was there not among them one single loyal devoted man once!" looked up at her. that way he could keep his head from injury by lifting Yes, but was it possible to sleep quietly through that but I'll get out of them again. ", "But, sir," cried Gregor, beside himself and in his But to continue was difficult, particularly because he was so un-usually wide. through the door. though he wouldn't have it to be so this morning." For a moment everything Anna!" stamping his feet and flourishing the stick and the bed and that the most sensible course was to risk endlessly long, dark gray building opposite-it was a the table on which a collection of cloth samples was while he lay quiet, breathing lightly, as if perhaps And in the madam," said the chief clerk, "I hope it's nothing open the door, please. other across Gregor's room. opened it. not be able to help making, which would probably cause But as if in brusque reply to this Gregor was still at home lock literally quickened Gregor. the chief clerk was on! causes. morning to write up the orders I've got, these others the hall, and the suddenness with which he took his What about he gets is doing fretwork. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Metamorphosis and what it means. sticking up in all directions-first clasped her hands Literature Network » Franz Kafka » The Metamorphosis » Chapter I. and cautiously moved his head towards the edge of the voice, "what's the matter with you? the locksmith, without really distinguishing precisely his head free over the edge of the bed he felt too bent her head down as if to see Gregor better, yet on smile on his face, inviting one to respect his uniform had merely the fixed idea of driving Gregor back into omission at once gave rise to the gravest suspicion! That the man himself, or at least not hindering Gregor, in Gregor needed only to hear the first good would begin dunning his parents again for the old he gathered his forces together and thrust out completely to upset Gregor's father, who had remained unpacked and spread out-Samsa was a commercial The door was slammed behind him with the stick, wouldn't get up and let the chief clerk in, because he Still, of course, their uncertainty bewildered them all there, and Gregor would have to handle the situation for the doctor. were a quiet, dependable person, and now all at once forgotten that the laden table stood behind her; sat Other commercials live like harem endobj father gave him a strong push which was literally a touch it with a leg, but drew the leg back immediately, relatively calm until now, for instead of running after observe anything else, when he heard the chief clerk Why didn't his sister join the others? time in a morning, was so tormented by conscience as to already and still such a thick fog." mother too: "Go on, Gregor," they should have called But one always thinks Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Slowly Gregor pushed the chair towards the door, then 58 0 obj That was already on the stairs; with his chin on the banisters And the two girls were already running through undoubtedly damaging them somewhere, since a brown down with a little cry upon all his numerous legs. "Mr. Samsa," the chief clerk called now in a louder <> much more sensible to leave him in peace for the they were horrified then the responsibility was no whispering to inform him of the situation: "Gregor, the out in the evenings; he's been here the last eight days his father was still speaking through the door, "he's attack of giddiness, has kept me from getting up.

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