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KING: Tough play. I... HEATHER RANDALL: And he has a theater in Los Angeles, and he's directing an opera this spring in Los Angeles. KING: Why did you get married? I worked 10 years. KING: What did you talk with him about? He said OK, OK, and then he never really came out of it. I get through everything. KING: Really? KING: Oh, I interviewed her. Considering how wealthy Tony Randall probably was, she was probably in a strange position of finding someone who would not mind raising two children and for her to find someone to love her for her and not a wealthy widow. H. RANDALL: I don't know. H. RANDALL: Absolutely set in his ways. It was horrible. T. RANDALL: No date, no, nothing. And never missed a show in his entire career. And because Tony was such a fighter, and so strong I thought he might pull out of this. T. RANDALL: We began to look like each other, yes. She was in Mensa. H. RANDALL: Yes, very. HEATHER RANDALL: Yes. If you want to let a friend know about this page, just fill in the details below, and our server will send an email to your friend. It was really everything just broke down. H. RANDALL: I was an NYU student. And he suffered. This is the last guy in the world you'd think of -- 6'5," built like Tarzan, very virile. Funny. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: How did the platonic become romantic? Nothing but complaints. KING: Did he think he could have children? KING: Is this a full time job? And not only did he marry us, he took extra care, would always come to Tony's events and galas and he spoke at his funeral. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KING: Frank Rich attacked you calling it an ego trip for you. And he was kind of mean to me. MICHELLE LEE, ACTRESS: Laugh and understanding that we can be young as long as we live. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: We're back with Heather Randall. Good night. But, no, I think -- he used to take Julia to the opera a lot and she'd sit on his lap and she still talks about that. HEATHER RANDALL: There were a few people. HEATHER RANDALL: Yes. T. RANDALL: Yes. H. RANDALL: I told them the next day. (END VIDEO CLIP) HEATHER RANDALL: He's a wonderful man, and, you know, Jack had cancer, Tony came to visit him in the hospital, and he said I'm going to put you back on stage, you're going to go back on stage. We were friends. I'm -- it's all fuzzy. It was horrendous. I brought it way down because I was 23. KING: Did the tabloids take a shot at you for a the age difference? KING: Heather Randall, the widow of the legendary Tony Randall. That kind of thing. KING: This is a good line, a tribute someone has said. photos, TONY RANDALL: No, no. KING: Did you think about it then? HEATHER RANDALL: Yes, he was one of the first people I called, yes, after Tony passed. She auditioned for a part. But he was kind of the Felix character. He adored Rock and Doris, absolutely adored them. H. RANDALL: To someone, no. KING: No, no, no. Randall was giddily anticipating becoming a father despite his advanced age. Others suggested Randall was being selfish at the expense of his children's well-being. It had taken 10 years of my life to reach this opening night, and he called it "TV Star's Ego Trip." And I looked and it was taped in 1969. She said -- she was crying. KING: Directed for him? KLUGMAN: If she gets stuck in the door, I'll push her through for you, I promise. He was a health nut. KING: What a breakthrough show that was. T. RANDALL: Very much. KLUGMAN: He took pills! LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, exclusive, Tony Randall's widow, Heather Randall, her first sit down interview since his shocking death last May. I keep waiting for that phone call, Jack, Tony calling. H. RANDALL: They did. My dad called him once, and he said Tony, it's your son-in-law, I mean father-in-law. They were very close. Can you stay with them? And then he kind of rallied. No. TONY RANDALL: Complaints, complaints. KING: He didn't camp out... H. RANDALL: He'd kind of been there and done that. My poor dad knew what happened and had to stay there at this movie premiere with the kids... KING: And they're enjoying the movie and... (CROSSTALK) KING: You went right to the hospital? H. RANDALL: Yes. KING: But he didn't like the hospital? And he wasn't afraid to play gay characters on television at a time that was not cool. HEATHER RANDALL: Yes, he did. HEATHER RANDALL: Thank you. TONY RANDALL: Why? That's right. HEATHER RANDALL: Not exactly, you know. H. RANDALL: Yes. You ever cut your toenails? Tony Randall is a member of the following lists: American film actors, American television actors and California Democrats. But he was kind of mean. It's a gorgeous, sexy play. KING: Everybody spoke? I mean, I don't think he would have ever said that, you know, in public. The median age was 63. It's kind of hard to be jealous of someone that's passed away. HEATHER RANDALL: Yes. The mere fact that Randall was becoming a first-time father as a septuagenarian bothered a lot of people. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Did you ever work with him, ever act? I thought it was so exciting. community But we weren't involved. KING: And you're going to do a play this spring called "Tales From Hollywood"... HEATHER RANDALL: Yes. This is my 10 pounds. I've had a great life, this is my 10 pounds. KING: And he was how old? HEATHER RANDALL: Yes. I have the rest of my life to climb mountains. HEATHER RANDALL: Yes. I hope that they won't forgot. I think his wife was reclusive. I'm going to ask him. Login And I just think you -- I compartmentalize it. KING: Good actor? He was an incredibly generous actor. It was really funny. Where were you? He did 14 shows a week. KING: Are you spritely? He didn't have much confidence. And Tony knocked on the door and there's a big grin, he said the machinery still works. You know, I said you can't just give up like this. (END VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GARRY MARSHALL, PRODUCER, "THE ODD COUPLE": We were shooting by the Plaza, the first shot of "The Odd Couple" so the people would buy it. HEATHER RANDALL: I don't know if he did. KING: Hurt? I took this in the kitchen last night. H. RANDALL: He did. I think you can play a gay character without it necessarily being a stigma. 7 and 6, dificult age. And I have a very funny story. He was disappointed that his life ended up being about fund- raising. What happened? TONY RANDALL: I don't know what kind. H. RANDALL: Oh, no. HEATHER RANDALL: Everything was arrow straight even at the end.

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