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Is ruined. Here are some unique and funny random things to say in a text or conversation. 6 Armstrong Road | Suite 301 | Shelton, CT | 06484. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 60 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Children, What Parents Say Their Kids Miss Most About School, How To Help Kids With Challenges at School, Life Really Changed When I Became an Empty Nester, 9 Things Fatherhood Has Taught Me About Manhood, 20 Gifts for New Parents They'll Appreciate, The car hit me, my other mummy cried, then I came to you. ", "I was in a bridal shop that had a short row of large mirrors, watching a friend try on a dress. -Popsicle_Feet. Whether they were sharing things their own kids had said or moments that they were told happened in their own childhood, some of the most popular responses will seriously creep you out. Her reply: "Why, are buggers not vegan? 1. I said, 'I don't know. I asked her where all that came from. Weird Random Things To Say. … My 6-year-old son grinned and yelled back "Chocolate boobies! The car hit me, my other mummy cried, then I came to you.' –workbidness, "My family took everyone on a trip to see their old neighborhood. When I was 2 last time. E and I just stared at each other as this is not something J would usually say; he doesn't have an imaginary friend and has never said anything remotely like this before. The Top 3 RA Program Ideas For Campus Students Attending Higher Education, The Single Best Way To Learn Piano For Life, 8 Tips On How To Be Successful In Life & Business, Kevin Durant Net Worth: You Won’t Believe How Much, Our Best Guess Of The William Shatner Net Worth, 3 Ways To Send Money To India From The USA. Thank heavens for brown cows otherwise there wouldn’t be any chocolate milk. My friend E brought over her 4-year-old nephew J for a sleepover at mine. Go into a pet store and ask them if they have sloths for sale. ", We were in an elevator at a hotel going to the pool. If you can’t get enough of these entertaining examples, you may be destined to teach tots. 'I mentioned this to my wife. —Vonni D. 9. Life is too short to not do silly and funny stuff every now and again. She doesn't remember her husband's name. 29 Parents Share The Weirdest Things Their Kids Ever Did. –foufinha, "When I was about 3, I used to tell my mum stories of being a little Chinese girl. The nurse was asking all the standard coordination type questions–touch your nose, put your hands up, jump, etc. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows you know. Want awesome parenting tips in your inbox twice a week? Enjoy! My friend asked her was she meant, and her daughter said she left her before she was born but came back. Why do we say a person is fired when there is no fire? "That's the Below Man. For the past few months she's been talking about 'When I was a gardener before I was a kid...'. Free Printable to Share With Families! Answers have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar, and clarity. “I don’t know my ancestors because I’m only 8, but when you were alive during the Pilgrim time did YOU know my ancestors?” —Sarah E. 8. Why! ", "My five-year-old son recently cupped his palm, farted in his hand, smiled at me, and then blew it in my face like a kiss. To this day, I still get chills when I think about it." 2 and a 1/2 is pretty young to be sobbing your heart out. ", "My three-year-old loves ketchup. I was asking some of my students if they’d ever gone apple picking, and one of my PreK girls responded with, “No, my car only goes to the supermarket.” —Tiz N. 17. My 3-year-old chose that moment to announce loudly, "I'm not supposed to play with myself in the bathtub. ", My 6-year-old daughter had her appendix out. That story came up off and on, as well as weird side statements from him. Why are apartments called apartments when they are all stuck together? She would tell us how she missed them and ask if we could take her back. If you relieve yourself in the bathroom can you also relieve yourself by eating? "This was my cousin a while ago....He was maybe 6? Usually, toddlers' random outbursts are either nonsensical or funny. This, of course, just looks like my son with his arm out. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a mural be worth? We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Kids are prone to saying some pretty wacky stuff.Usually, toddlers' random outbursts are either nonsensical or funny. THAT LADY TOOK MY EYE!' Then a car squished you! When will we change “give you a penny for your thoughts” to “give you a dollar for your thoughts?”. I told her I didn't feel well, that I had bad cramps. The one that ate roast beef!". He burst into tears and said, “When I grow up and become a man, I’m going to buy stickers and I’m not going to give you any.” —Nicole B. Can you use your putter to putter around the golf course? She saw a man get tied up and thrown on the ground and pulled behind a car until he was bleeding 'really really crazy' all over the place. With a very concerned look on his face he sighed and said, "Aww mommy you need new underwear, yours are all broken. And then be perked up and said, 'And before that I had black wings and I flew! "I'm still spooked.". We explained to her that my egg and her daddy's sperm made her, and my egg and her step dad's sperm made the baby. ", "My four-year-old son put a dry bean in his ear at preschool. MeanMaybe wrote that when their family was discussing hiking, their 8-year-old daughter said if she got lost she would cut off her hand and eat it. He'd say, 'This leaf came from Egypt!' 20+ Of The Dankest Memes Of All Time. E asked is the Below Man friendly, J replies that he is his friend and that J is the only one allowed in his house. Also when he was 5, we drove past my grandparents' old house (they have been gone 16 and 18 years now). I was hurting really bad and I wasn't ready.' If I’d meant to do it, you’d know.”, Enter a room full of people and say sullenly, “Well. We have a blended family, so he has me (Mom) and at his father's house his Dad, Stepmom, and brother. AF - This is a bit of a weird one, since it’s never used on its own, but instead adds emphasis to something else. ", "My now five-year-old used to tell us that we weren't her real parents — her real parents were in the mountains, but bad people stole her. While watching a Walking with Dinosaurs video, a student said to me, “Is this actual footage?” —Cate W. 4. -. Let's take a look at some of the funniest! She asks, 'does the Below Man tell you to do things?' ", One night after dinner, my 5-year-old ran past and let out a huge fart that stopped him in his tracks. She told me she remembered when she was a bad dog, and they made her go to sleep. Another time in an antiques shop, we looked at an old school desk with a flip-top lid when she, bemused, said 'Where's the inkwell?!' We pick every product that we think you'll love the most. “Did you put white highlights in your hair? Send someone a text of a lottery ticket and tell them you just won $1,000,000. ", "I was washing dishes when my five-year-old daughter walked in and said, 'Guess how weird it is to ride a Time Pony?' These are positively delightful. What Is The Difference Between Undergraduate And Graduate And Why It Matters! Yeah We Can Help With 3 Quick Tips…. This particular day, my boyfriend was playing a prayer that's supposed to protect you from jinn. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Suddenly, my son announces, "My mom isn't usually half naked, we're going swimming.". '", Why! When my daughter was 3 she did a really big poop on the potty. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Below is Bergeron’s growing list of funny and random things to say to just about anyone anywhere in the entire universe. "And usually when the happens your mind goes racing thinking 'where is this coming from?' Not creepy enough for you? There are many rewards to being a parent, and one among them is getting to hear all the hilarious things that kids say. See if you have what it takes by reading our article: 9 Signs You Should Be Teaching Preschool. I had a water bottle with a tea packet in it when a student asked me if it was beer. Definitely had me curious." He hasn't done it in awhile." A host of parents replied, sharing their own stories. –4theloveoffiber, "My son went for over a year talking about his other mommy and daddy, with a completely straight and serious face. The stuff she says isn't stuff she should know about considering she watches an hour of tv a day and it's Sesame Street or Blues Clues. If you are on a diet how do you feel about the first three letters in the word? After some weird looks from Santa and his helpers I explained that she was a big fan of The Backyardigans and that her real name is 'Libby. Is a motor home really a home with a motor on it? When my oldest was younger he would say 'remember when I would sing to you when you were a baby?' Super creepy. ", My 7-year-old was convinced she could speak Spanish thanks to Dora. See Also: Random Things To Say To Anyone Around You. Take a look at the completely hilarious and totally true phrases that students have said to their teachers. So, for all you Pandas to have a nice laugh today, we have put together a list of funny things kids say - from their audacious clapbacks and diamonds of thought to freakishly honest questions about life, these funny kids quotes never cease to amaze. He stopped saying it once I pointed out that Gaton's plan didn't really work since the Beast comes back to life. It was a cry that I had only ever heard from adults who have lost the love of their life." My 2-year-old daughter walked in while I was getting out of the shower. ", We were on a city bus, sitting next to two elderly women. She asked her about it later and got a similar response 'You walked on the road. I used to sit in this chair and knit.' And gave me a clue where to find my missing earrings. I wrote this on the whiteboard during discussion: William Shakespeare (1564-1616), and a sixth grader asks me, “Is that Shakespeare’s real phone number?” —Kevin M. 10. It's really creepy. Does everyone who says the Pledge of Allegiance really make a pledge? ", "My daughter has given each of her hands a name, and on long car rides she plays with them even if toys are present. Parents everywhere know it's true that kids really do say the darndest things. She was a grown up and didn't have a mom or dad but she had a husband and a baby named Mena/Mina. We recently asked our teachers on Facebook to share some of the most funny and outrageous things that students have said to them. I ask how, J replies 'I like to cut people. My husband asked if his underwear was wet and my son proudly replied, "Nope, I peed on Luna. "He was 3 and pretending to run over his Lego men. This is hard work!” One of my girls said, “Yeah, you might need to go get an adult.”, I remember once in my seventh grade science class, we were studying fossils, and one kid said, “they look like burnt chicken McNuggets!”, Copyright © 2020. -aNervousSystem, "My 4yr old daughter asked a restaurant worker 'Are you going to die today?' She will eat pancakes with ketchup instead of syrup. I haven't talked to my son about death because the topic never came up and I don't think he knows what graves are. Steve constantly needs his hand held when we go to the store or cross the road. "Kids today." Everyone was sad.' Why is chocolate ice cream called chocolate when vanilla ice cream is not called yellow?

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